Who Are Good Energy?

Based in Chippenham, Good Energy was founded in 1999 to provide a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel-generated energy. It is the UK’s first dedicated 100% renewable electricity supplier, supplying homes and businesses across the UK with clean, green electricity. 

To help meet growing demand, Good Energy generates electricity from their wind and solar farms, including Crossroads Solar Farm in Alderholt, as well as supporting thousands of homes, businesses and communities generating their own energy across the UK.

6% of the gas supplied by Good Energy is Green Gas – produced in the UK from organic matter like manure and sewage- and emissions from the gas their customers use is balanced through verified carbon-reduction schemes.

For further information about Good Energy, please visit their website at https://www.goodenergy.co.uk

The Alderholt Community Fund is administered by Alderholt Community Charitable Trust, Registered Charity Number 1167313.

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